Equip Your Team

With the insights, processes and expertise they need to achieve your investment thesis goals.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, Corsis isn’t looking to replace your technology team — we advocate for them and support their success. As your business grows, impartial Corsis technology advisors use our proprietary TechIndicator™ software and scoring process to deliver actionable insights that will help you prioritize technology and operational initiatives to maximize the short- and long-term success of your technology and the team supporting it. We’ll surface key insights and deliver them via a centralized dashboard, complete with the benchmarking data that drove our conclusions, so you’ll have the full context for our technology and leadership findings as we begin modeling next steps.

  • Arm your internal team with data-informed implementation plans for use post-investment to achieve and record key milestones.

  • Minimize the technology risk in M&A transactions with a team of data-powered experts.


      Harness the power of a proven scoring algorithm to remove subjectivity from your M&A process using a standardized and consistent methodology. Use the Corsis Score to assess the reliability of existing systems, and to determine the feasibility of a carve-out or integration.


      Use Corsis assessment insights to kick-start the integration of your new acquisition with targeted planning sessions covering software design patterns, system performance, cybersecurity and more. Our data-powered experts deliver comparative benchmarking and an integration plan with cost and effort estimates


      Establish oversight of integration projects with a data-driven continuous improvement program. Periodic reassessments using the Corsis Score help you navigate integration complexity with confidence by documenting progress using clear, objective success criteria.

  • Enable successful leadership transitions with data-powered expertise.


      Launch your leadership transition using the Corsis Score, a proven algorithm to objectively measure operational maturity. A current-state assessment of organizational gaps against peers best practices will equip leadership with unvarnished insights into systems, people and processes.


      Leverage the deep technical and operational expertise of the Corsis team to develop job descriptions, vet candidates for leadership positions or select vendors. Use our data-driven insights into your organization to inform hiring decisions and make the right choice the first time.


      The Corsis Score offers new leadership the confidence that comes with visibility and a clear roadmap for growth. Periodic re-assessments track progress over time to provide accountability, reduce uncertainty and ensure a successful organizational transformation.