Increase The Sophistication Of Your Tech Operations

And, achieve a competitive advantage.

Our objective analysis is based on industry requirements, best practice data, the competitive landscape and market trends. We help to identify opportunities to strengthen your security and compliance programs, attain relevant industry certifications and build upon the unique differentiators enabled by your assets. Our technology and compliance experts will partner with your technology, legal and compliance teams, using proven templates and guidance designed to accelerate your security and compliance standards to meet the demands of the most discerning customers.

  • Install a Best-In-Class Information Security and Compliance Program to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity.


      Our team of tech advisors gather information regarding your current controls, and use our Techindicator™ software to measure processes and controls against best practices, score them against industry leaders and provide an actionable report with recommendations for review, discussion and refinement with your team


      Obtain detailed recommendations during facilitated workshop sessions to address issues identified by the assessment. The workshop planning will include various policy and procedure templates covering key information security topics to help accelerate the adoption of new program requirements.


      Achieve new program standards via comprehensive remediation efforts. Corsis helps install your new program on an as-needed basis, from oversight and passive support of your internal team’s efforts, to extensive support including process guidance and customization of security program template documents.

  • Develop materials, policies and procedures that equip the enterprise to survive the scrutiny of industry certification standards.

  • Rapid deployment of tech advisory teams to help companies respond to crisis situations.


      Immediately following a crisis, we deploy a multi-disciplinary team of technology experts to conduct a 90-minute session with company leadership to provide validation of their impact assessment and serve as a sounding board for development and prioritization of their remediation plan.


      For companies seeking more comprehensive – but immediate – support, we assign an elite team of technologists to host a multi-day workshop with tech leadership to develop an actionable blueprint for solving high-priority issues.


      For companies significantly damaged by a crisis, or required to adapt to new market conditions longer-term, we provide a series of services to help leadership repair, restructure and retool their technology operations to thrive once again.