Being “Data-Powered” means our process is led by a team of operations experts who deliver results using our own custom developed, proprietary benchmarking software that enables Corsis to measure and score the quality of technology systems.

  • Blue-Chip Tech

    Corsis supports the world’s leading technology-enabled companies at each inflection point of their life cycle to evaluate acquisitions, improve operations, accelerate growth and help preserve value.

  • Healthcare

    Corsis data supports hundreds of healthcare software and medical service provider deals a year, providing a unique benchmarking approach to their peers.

  • Retail

    Corsis guides retail and ecommerce deals with data and benchmarking capabilities unique to the industry.

  • Manufacturing & Energy

    Corsis provided quantitative analysis and qualitative insights to companies utilizing ERP, IoT and supply chain software.

  • Fintech

    Corsis has gathered a vast data set of technology best practices so Fintech companies can base decisions on sound information rather than opinion.