Position & highlight the value of your technology assets

When It’s Time To Sell.

Our data and expertise has informed hundreds of successful buy-side due diligence initiatives. Corsis advisors offer unmatched sell-side insights and expertise. Rely on our unique observational data points to prove the value of your technology assets and intellectual property when you’re ready to divest and profit f rom your investment. Schedule our team for a planning workshop to help you understand and prepare for the pre-sale process, and let our team help you craft a compelling story around your technology’s origin and future.

  • Minimize transaction risk and maximize value by preparing your team to withstand technology diligence.


      Engage our team of experts for a proactive evaluation of your technology environment. Gain actionable insights for improvement outside of any potential investment


      Ensure you’re prepared by engaging Corsis to perform a “dry-run” simulation of your upcoming technology diligence. We’ll identify areas for remediation, educate your team on proper planning and messaging strategies, and help you highlight technology strengths while accurately positioning opportunities for improvement to investors during a transaction.


      Leverage the power of Corsis throughout the investment process. We assign a team of experts to partner with your technology leadership and support them as they respond to the diligence requests of potential investors. If you’ve experienced a recent leadership change or need to limit the number of people briefed on a potential transaction, Corsis is the perfect compliment to your team.

  • Investigate and analyze your technology IP for uniqueness, replicability, defensibility, licensing risk, market applicability, and competitive comparison.

  • Supplement your team with the power of Corsis experts — backed by the power of tens of thousands of data points from the world’s most successful tech companies — as they develop remediation plans designed to facilitate the success of your business.